Initial Intake & Shiatsu Session: What to Expect

Acupressure and Shiatsu are both forms of Asian Bodywork Therapy that utilize one of the most natural and intuitive forms of healing, touch. Gentle, yet firm pressure is applied to specific meridians and points using finger, hand, elbow, knee and barefoot techniques.

Each person responds differently to bodywork, from person to person and from one treatment to the next. One session may leave you restored and centered and another may make you feel rejuvenated and inspired. It is not uncommon for people to fall asleep during treatment or go into a deep meditative state.

The opposite is often true for your first appointment, as experiencing a new or unknown treatment modality can heighten awareness. It may take one or more sessions for you to become familiar with and receptive to this kind of therapy. Communication is fundamental to any successful and trusting relationship. If the pressure or positioning needs to be adjusted or if anything comes up during the session please let me know.

Your first session is 2 hours in length and includes a full evaluation and treatment. Please arrive having read the Privacy Policy and Informed Consent, as well as having completed your Health History form. These three documents can be found on the bottom of this page.

Dress: Please come to your appointment wearing soft, loose-fitting and flexible clothing, and clean socks Yoga or gym attire without buttons or zippers are ideal. If you smoke or wear strong perfumes, please bring a change of clothing for the courtesy of others. Layers are advisable, especially if you tend to get cold easily as the body temperature can drop when you are lying down or go into a deep meditative state.  Dresses or skirts are not recommended.

Tips: Ideally do not eat a heavy meal directly before your treatment session or engage in intense work directly after a treatment. This is the body’s time to consolidate the effects of the treatment towards healing. Going for a walk, engaging in a pleasant activity or going to sleep are all good ways to integrate the treatment. Please remember to drink plenty of water! 

Health History: There are some basic principles from which we draw. First, we begin by understanding why you are seeking this type of treatment and what your personal goals are.  This includes understanding your personal and family health histories, as well as the treatment modalities that you are currently engaged in, so that I can better understand your overall health. Please come to your first session having read the privacy policy and informed consent and your health history completed.